Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Coming Re-vamp//

In the very near future my blog will be taking on a whole new look and purpose. I am finally giving my two loves --illustration/art and fashion-- a place to live together. I have always done fashion illustrations, but I now want to commit to making it my every non 9-5 working moment.

Also, Matt got me a large format Moleskin watercolor sketchbook for Christmas which has inspired quite the quirky fashion doodlings.

To kick it off, I have posted a work in progress of my favorite young fashion blogger, Jane Aldridge. If you haven't check out her blog yet// seaofshoes.com


Higgeldy-Piggeldy said...

I love your interpretation. I've been inspired by her and her mother as well.

What program are you using?

Watts said...

YAYYY! You fashion stuff rocks, how exciting!

DIGITAL kid said...

meggles i <3 that banner! i cant wait to see new work!