Monday, August 25, 2008

this is what i do when matt drives me insane


sarah said...

Hehe You should let him keep driving you insane. Cool stuff!

RAWLS said...

Hey Megan...just happened upon your blog. Beautiful stuff my friend. Love your style. Keep up the great work!!!

Arrolynn said...

Hey Megan! thanks for the comment...I just read that you got a job...Congrats! Your new pieces are gorgeous!

Robyn Hyzy said...

Hey Megan-

That's awesome that you're teaching and independent class. So cool! Your work is awesome, as usual! I love checking up on your blog from time to time. I find your work incredibly inspirational!

Keep it up!

I hope you love it down in Texas. New York is awesome! I have been keeping busy doing work, now I just need to keep busy doing more self-promotional stuff.

Tell Matt I said hi!

Miss you!

Will Ralston said...

Love the water colors.